Is The Apprentice Bad For Your Health
by Angie Dixon

If you know who I mean when I say Kwame, Bill and Troy, you’re probably a fan of The Apprentice. I admit I’m not a fan myself; I don’t watch much television and that particular show didn’t grab my interest enough to be “appointment” watching. I have, however, followed its popularity with interest, for various reasons.

The main reason I’m so interested in The Apprentice is that it gives me insight. As a life and business coach, I try to see into my clients’ heads and see where they’re having problems and how we can design a way around those problems.

One of the biggest problems my clients face, and one of the biggest problems a lot of people face, is balance. This is where I fear The Apprentice becomes “bad for your health.”

It’s not healthy to work 18 hour days, or to dedicate your entire life to nothing but a job. People need something outside of work. They need to “sharpen the saw,” at the very least, by taking care of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Stephen R. Covey talks about “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” in his book of that title. One of the things he talks about is balance, and how important that is. The other thing he talks about that really got my attention was effectiveness vs. efficiency. One involves dealing with people; the other is really just time management.

Donald Trump is a very successful man. Whether he’s happy is something only he knows. And maybe the young people trying to be his next Apprentice are happy. They are young, after all, and obviously dedicated.

What worries me about this show is that everyday people, people with lives outside of work, will start to feel guilty about those lives and to buy into the image of being totally dedicated to work. This can lead to overwork, depression, anxiety, even heart attack or stroke.

The Apprentice can be fun to watch. But I urge you to think seriously before rearranging your life to “be like Bill.”

About the Author
Angie Dixon helps small business owners get their acts together. She is a personal development coach specializing in helping people integrate their home and work lives so they feel less stretched and more balanced. Get her FREE EBOOK on balance at http://www.discoveringtruenorth.com. For questions or to discover how coaching can change your life, contact Angie at mailto:angie@discoveringtruenorth.com.