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Staying Sane While Wall Street Crashes
by David Leonhardt

Everybody is riding the Wall Street Roller coaster. Even if you are not invested, the headlines scream out one word: PANIC! It's hard not to join in the panicking. The Panic Crowd seems to be having all the fun these days. But they don't have all the happiness. You see, it's true what your mother told you: money doesn't buy happiness, at least not for most people. But the lack of money does buy pure misery.

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by Yolanda Shoshana

Women rock! This year has seen some noted achievements for the sisterhood this year. For starters, there are more women millionaires and billionaires, moving and shaking. The film world finally got it together an nominated a woman for best director. It is fitting that the woman should be Frances Ford Coppola's daughter, Sophia Coppola.

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Billionaire Marketer
by Esther Smith

(The) Donald Trump is an excellent example of American entrepreneurism in its most colorful form. Synonymous with New York real estate, beautiful women, bad hair, 90-story ego, distaste for dishonesty, and a clear killer-instinct in the business world, Trump also knows how to use people to make money for him.

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PR Trump Style
by Susan Harrow

If anyone knows how to toot his own horn it's Donald Trump. How does he get away with it? How can you follow in the footsteps of his success? Sure, Trump is a loud mouth, but he's also self-deprecating, making fun of his hair, his bimbos, and his appetites. He let's you know that he knows he's being a braggart, but it's all in good fun.

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A Lesson From The Apprentice That Can Make You A Master
by Karon Thackston

I have to admit, I was curious. When I saw previews of a new show called “The Apprentice,” it made me want to at least watch the premiere to see what was going on. Immediately, I was hooked. The whole idea of candidates - from all walks of life, not just college grads fresh from their commencement ceremonies - vying for a position in one of Donald Trump’s organizations piqued my interest.

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Online Dating – A Great Way to Meet your Soul Mate
by Richard Wong

Online Dating or Internet Dating is very well known these days and it is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and advantages.

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You're hired, "The Apprentice" walked in an entrepreneur...and walked away a winner
by April Y. Pennington

After 13 riveting weeks, Donald Trump made his final decision and chose entrepreneur Bill Rancic as "The Apprentice" Rancic, 33, who nine years ago started Cigars Around the

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Is The Apprentice Bad For Your Health?
by Angie Dixon

If you know who I mean when I say Kwame, Bill and Troy, you’re probably a fan of The Apprentice. I admit I’m not a fan myself; I don’t watch much television and that particular show didn’t grab my interest enough to be “appointment” watching. I have, however, followed its popularity with interest, for various reasons.

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