Black History Month Resources

To me, Black History Month symbolizes the more than three hundred years of suffering, anguish, pain and struggle, our descendents of Africa endured, while adding to the prosperity of this country in all of its grandeur and elegance today; a grandeur and elegance brought about from the enslavement, hatred and abuses placed upon the backs of our descendents years back, that we must never forget or take for granted. In so much as Black History Month reminds us of events past and present, so does, the color of our skin, remind us that there is still much iniquity and pain to overcome; there is also hope and much being done on a positive scope that allows us to appreciate the significance of Black History-in and of itself.

To be a race of people who have been oppressed and looked down upon for hundreds of years, we must pride ourselves with the great achievement of having exceeded all expectations, even today; thus, these accomplishments and acknowledgements are a huge part of our reason for celebrating Black History Month. We must in doing so, acknowledge our Lord and Savior for bringing us this far and leading us into the next faze of opportunities, blessings and human-rights that are given to us by God and not by man

Today we can be proud and honored to see the many races of people coming together as God would have it-in all manner of his glory. We are coming together from all walks of life and from places around the globe, uniting as one voice; this is done, mostly in part by the prayers, hard work and sacrifices of people long past & present-people like Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Thurgood Marshall. Etc. We must not forget that because of these people and many others people of color and candor, we have gained and not lost through the years. The desegregation of public schools and polices like affirmative action have opened doors for us, as well as many other people of color in every shade of the rainbow, like never before.

Black History Month is thereby, not only a reminder for Black American's who are the descendents of African slaves, but a reminder for all races all over the world. It is far and foremost, a huge part of American History. A history that will never stop affecting a people destined to rise above any consequence of circumstance. President, Barack Obama, although a child of few advantages, continues to hold strong and study and is still amazingly fighting a good fight under a careful eye of blatant racism. The disruption and greed of a few will and can ultimately destroy us all, if we are not conscious of what is taking place before us.

Please visit my website at www.starrtouch.biz and see what I and a few others are doing to aid in the plight of our youth and young adults. We must work together, realizing that we are a family and as a family, we must begin the road in reaching back and paving the way to victory, as those before us did for us many moons ago. No longer can we afford to let others make the important choices and decisions for our own. Let's encourage our children to pick up a book and read so that they will develop a Pandora's Box of knowledge that will ultimately set them free to explore, not only their history, but the history of people from all walks of life and from places around the globe.

About the Author

Kathryn Carrington is a freelance writer, published author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, CEO Starr Touch Enterprises Incorporated, a profit and non-profit company that is a educationally based, Commerical, Pro-Constuction and Industrial / Environmental Cleaning Company, that assist AT_Risk Youth. She is a member of The Writers Guild of Maryland, The National Council of Negro Women and The International Society of Poets. Kathryn's books can be purchased on amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Target, Booksamillion and most other online bookstores. Please visit her website at www.starrtouch.biz and www.authorsden.com/kat