From apprentice to manager - tool engineering
by Modern Machine Shop

Technical schools and students occasionally ask me what would be a good road for a young person to follow in the tooling field to advance from apprentice toolmaker to manager of a tool engineering department.

First, I explain that rising from apprentice to a fully qualified tool and diemaker takes about ten years. Mastering the design aspects of tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gages takes four years. After that, serving as a senior tool and die designer, TABULAR DATA OMITTED followed by the traditional position of supervisor of the tool design section. That would consume another four years. And finally, if interest is still high, the individual would be ready to become a tool engineering manager.

To be most effective, these twenty years of practical experience should be complemented year-to-year with classroom studies of subjects directly related to the shop work. An outline of this program appears in the following table.

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