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Who are African Americans?

The African Americans are people who have their homeland in Africa but have been living in America for quite sometime. They are found mainly in South America.

What are the best ways to search for a job (for an African American)?

There are a wide number of ways in which the African Americans can search for job. Some of the ways are given below:

Internet; Search Engine: A number of job sites have been especially prepared for the African Americans. In these job sites, like any other websites, options are there for submission of resume. One can also search for jobs in various fields (of his/ her liking). In the browse for job section, a number of countries have been mentioned (with the job opportunities available there). There is an employer's site. From here the employer can view your resume and experience directly. This helps him to search for the appropriate person that he is looking for.

Community Channels: There are community channels which enables an African Americans to find a job. The community channel is a source through which the whereabouts of a job is bifurcated from one corner of the society to another.

Black Career Women: It is an organization which helps the career-loving black women to get their desired job. It realistically constructs the career of a black woman and is therefore a unique professional resource for African Americans. This organization is the best resource for developing companies and individuals who wants to make use of the African American women's skill to do something constructive.

Job Fairs for the Black: The Job fairs which are held regularly, allows black African Americans to submit their resumes, so that appropriate employers call them up with opportunities.

The scenario of wage rise and employment fall:

When the wages of the black people are rising, there is a sharp fall in the rate of employment.

The better skilled workers have a higher prospect of getting job than the less skilled workers. As the employers are getting skilled workers, the unskilled African Americans are suffering. As more skilled workers are available, unskilled workers are rendered jobless.

Why do African Americans lag behind?

While living in America, the African Americans have developed a community of their own. They share common views and empathize with each other for similar plight. Since they belong to the base layer of the society, major opportunities are not available for them in the job sector. But presently, numerous job opportunities have been opened up for them noticing their skills and talent.

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