PR Trump Style
by Susan Harrow

If anyone knows how to toot his own horn it's Donald Trump. How does he get away with it? How can you follow in the footsteps of his success?

1. Balance Your Bragging with Boyishness.

Sure, Trump is a loud mouth, but he's also self-deprecating, making fun of his hair, his bimbos, and his appetites. He
let's you know that he knows he's being a braggart, but it's all in good fun. You can do the same by making light of your
foibles while touting your achievements.

2. Coin a phrase.

How many times had we heard the words *You're fired?* before Trump used it in The Apprentice Boardroom? Trump made the phrase new by using it in a surprising way. Once he discovered its effectiveness he made it his trademark. He's
fair, but tough. He walks his talk by making instant decisions, then pointing that fat finger at one of the unsuspecting apprentice hopefuls and uttering the feared phrase. Is there an age old phrase you can make yours by some unique gesture or by using it in a surprising circumstance? Phrases are all a part of branding. Find a few that suit you.

3. Do Something Outrageous.

The public loves a daredevil--be it with words or actions. Trump lives large. He jets around in big planes. He owns big
places. He has lovers with big bosoms. He has big hair. While *bigger* isn't necessarily better, bigger gets noticed. It's not my style, but maybe it's yours.

Big comes with many faces. The public loves actions that take courage--or a lot of money. What impresses me isn't
money, but the adventuresome spirit. Adventure filmmaker Scott Lindgren, who is considered one of the extreme sport's
most prominent heroes, kayaked down the Tsango River in Tibet. Navigating down it was likened to *snowboarding down
Everest.* Lindgren is devoted to doing treks in wild and challenging rivers in circumstances that haven't been done
before. He's after a *pure* experience, and eschews publicity and moneymaking. The irony is that he gets both.

Ultimately, no matter how much publicity you want, it's letting go of the need for it that will take you to places that perhaps Trump or even Lindgren have not gone.

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Copyright (c) 2004 Susan Harrow, All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
Susan Harrow is a top media coach, marketing strategist and author of *Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul* (HarperCollins), *The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah*, and *How You Can Get a 6-Figure Book Advance.* Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, millionaires, best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs who have appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, TIME, USA Today, People, O, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., and many others.