6 Ways to Support Another Woman
by Yolanda Shoshana

Every Thursday, I have been glued to the hit television show, 'The Apprentice". It is drama at it's finest, except there is something that is painful for me to watch as a woman. When the show began the women dominated and worked together as a team. As time progressed the women slowly but quickly began to rip each other apart and then... there were none, leaving two men standing for the high profile position to work for Donald Trump. The "catfights" between the women have continued and are clearly evident as they make media rounds. Meanwhile, Kwame and Troy had a small show down only to be followed with words of loyalty and strong hugs and handshakes. When will women learn to stick together through the good, bad, and the ugly?

6 Ways to Support Another Woman:

1) Don't hate the player, hate the game. Women tend to get very competitive in looks, love, and career. Stop the "catfight". Focusing on your goal will get you further, than focusing hostility on another woman who you deem as competition. Maybe just maybe, it is the situation that you are angry with and not the person. 2) Stop calling other women by derogatory words. Does calling another woman a bitch do anything to help the situation? Remember where words like bitch, cunt, and whore come from. Stop using them as weapons against other women. Using harmful word give them life and the words keep coming back to YOU either physically or mentally.

3) Send at least 3 women words of encouragement each day. By doing this you will make someone's day. Paying it forward, has a high value of return.

4) Become a mentor. Find a younger woman or even a peer to share your wisdom with. Give of yourself and uplift another woman. It is a great feeling to know that you have assisted in someone's success.

5) Refer women in your network to each other. When someone calls you for a referral, start with the names of women in your network. When you refer fabulous women to each other, you also come out shining! Build the "old girls network!"

6) Keep it real. Stop the gossip and the back stabbing. Do not burn bridges. One of the best quotes I have heard recently is " do not step on someone else's toes, you never know if they will be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow". Be real by any means necessary, even if you do not agree.

About The Author
Yolanda Shoshana (Shoshi) is a life strategist, consultant, speaker, and artist. Shoshi is an expert woman booster and founder of, Center of Female Empowerment(sm), a learning center launching in 2005 that uses multidisciplinary avenues to help master their lives. She also writes a titillating column for & about women, Shoshi Says. For more information: www.yolandashoshana.com