by Yolanda Shoshana

Women rock! This year has seen some noted achievements for the sisterhood this year. For starters, there are more women millionaires and billionaires, moving and shaking, thanks to Oprah and J.K. Rawling. Speaking of Oprah, she is making fifty look "fabulous" and an age to look forward to. The film world finally got it together an nominated a woman for best director. It is fitting that the woman should be Frances Ford Coppola's daughter, Sophia Coppola.

With that said, a question should be posed. With the rising number of women trailblazers, why are there new examples of women "asked" to take steps back?

Janet Jackson caused shock waves around the world when her breast made a guest appearance during the Super Bowl half time performance. It may not been the best decision that Ms. Jackson has ever made, but weeks later she is still paying for her mistake. The question that came to my mind is why is it okay for Dennis Franz to show his out of shape bare ass on television? Also, it is impossible to keep up with the media sources that show half naked women or ads with women in erotic and kid like poses. Janet Jackson's breast has created a backlash on women being able to have control of their sexuality. Is a woman in control of her sexuality so evil to the world? Maybe this is one of the many reasons why fewer married women and women in long term relationships are having orgasms. Somewhere down the road women went back to the "men have needs" form of sexual pleasure.

A few huge issues from the women's movement have come back to the forefront. One of the most controversial is reproductive issues. Women from around the country will gather in Washington to march for the rights of women. The statistics show that there are numerous women in danger daily due to reproductive rights. Thanks to "The Apprentice", women in the workplace is a hot topic on the tip of people's tongues. The problem remains that women in the corporate world still find themselves plagued with the same issues, juggling, money, baby or career, the list goes on. With shows like "The Apprentice" it looks as if a woman can use sex at work and get anything she wants. Maybe Martha Stewart did it the wrong way. If memory serves me correctly, she used her mind and not her model looks to create her empire. Some believe she is a scapegoat because she is a woman with as much chutzpah as a man. It is interesting how the old boys from Enron and Worldcom are chilling somewhere, while Martha is being told to admit to being "guilty" and told to apologize for her actions.

No matter what the outcome in these various issues, women will find a way to shine. In any case, I bet on women fighting for what rightfully belongs to them. When times get hard for women, they come together in a defying " oh, no you don't ". Women bloom where they are planted in unshakable ground.

About the Author
Yolanda Shoshana, "The Woman Booster" is a life strategist for women. She helps women make thier dreams their reality. To learn about her email her @ shoshi@shekhinaharts.com or www.shekhinaharts.com