A Career in Medical Transcription

If you're looking to switch careers, you might consider becoming a medical transcriptionist. This is someone who interprets and transcribes dictation by healthcare professionals. There are many benefits to a career in this field. For instance, you can, in many cases, work out of your own home at your own pace. Also, the demand for jobs is pretty high right now, provided you know what you're doing. Most professionals seeking out a transcription service prefer someone who has been through training at a community college or trade school and has some work experience.

Besides the proper training, you'll need the proper equipment. Since a medical transcriptionist listens to dictated information using a recording device and headset, you'll need to purchase these items. A foot peddle is also necessary to start and stop the recording device and the information you gather will have to be entered onto a computer or word processor. You will also need medical and pharmaceutical directories since you'll be expected to know the proper terminology. If any words or phrases are unfamiliar to you, it will be your responsibility to look them up in one of the aforementioned reference books.

You should know the principles of basic grammar and be able to spell check and proof read your own work. Since you'll be transcribing dictated information, you'll also need to be a good listener. Whether you're working through a medical transcription service or on your own as an independent contractor, the type of clients you have will probably include doctor's offices, hospitals, free clinics and rehab centers.

You'll be transcribing any number of documents including patient histories, autopsy reports, referral letters, consultation reports and other medical records. If you're interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, you must first get the proper education. Courses in this field are available at colleges, trade schools and even online. Most programs take about two years and some require you to work an internship at a medical facility.

Further information regarding a career in this rewarding field can be gathered at the library or on the Internet. Good luck!.

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