Career Path Confusion How to Choose the Right One

A customer emailed me recently. She was suffering from career path confusion. Actually she reported that she was doing well in her current job. Yet, despite her success she felt unfulfilled.

And she didn't know how to go about finding a new and more satisfying career path direction for her. This happens a lot in life. In fact, we know that statistically the average person will change a career path five to seven times in the course of a lifetime. It happens this way because often the first job we accept we sort of fall into. We're thrilled that someone wants to hire us, especially if we've had a harrowing job campaign. We don't really examine to see if this position will enhance our career path.

It's only later that we start to think that this isn't quite the direction I wanted for myself. When dissatisfaction and maybe disillusionment set in, we begin to think about changing our career path. But how .

. . without slipping into the same dilemma all over again? Research has shown that matching your personality and interests to a job increases the chances of your feeling satisfied in your career. But how do you determine your job-related interests and your personality? Follow these three steps: 1. Know yourself--learn about your personality interests and working style. 2.

Learn what jobs are best suited to your personality and interests. 3. Choose a job where you are more likely to be with people who are like you--individuals with your interests and personality style. For example, take a look at the way you typically behave outside your work environment. Look at your hobbies. And the type of people you socialize with.

Consider the activities that really energize you. These are likely to be the types of activities, associates and working styles that will make you happy on the job as well. Ask yourself these questions. Do I prefer to work independently or collaborate with others? Do I prefer to work with ideas or to work with things and objects? Am I more sensitive and inward-looking or assertive and forceful? Depending on your answers to these questions certain jobs are likely to be a better fir than others. Another way to approach a new career path is to take advantage of the amazing alternative job search system and non-traditional career advancement strategies that are part of The World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System! Here you can find straightforward assessments of your best career path choices. And, once you've determined what your next best career path move should be, you'll also discover how to lock up a good job in as little as 14 days.

This is the right time to check out this exciting option.

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