Auto Security How To Keep Your Car Safe

Keeping it safe from harm and theft is one of those common sense things that just need to be done as a matter of reflex. If you don't, you may find yourself stranded, upset and confused about what to do next. Most security and safety tips, that will help you from ending up among the ranks of those that have had their car damaged or stolen are fairly simple, they just need to be followed on a consistent basis. It only takes one slip-up and your car could be gone or heavily damaged so keeping these ideas in the forefront of your mind is crucial. You may think these ideas are common sense and silly, but think about how many times you have not followed them. Turn off the car when not in use One would think that turning off the car when youâ??re leaving it unattended would be one of the more common sense ideas to follow.

Unfortunately, the concept eludes many people who are just running into a store for a drink or packet of smokes. They will leave the engine running and the door unlocked because they are just going to be a second or they do not want to let the interior cool off on a cold day. As quickly as you can slam the car door it can be opened and backed out of its parking space.

This particular lapse in judgment is one of the more common errors in judgment that people make during the cold weather months and the one that generally receives the least amount of sympathy from people you may tell your car was stolen. Secure the car every time How quickly a door can be opened and the car driven away when it is left running follows with the keep the car locked and an alarm engaged when it is unattended. Basically, locks are intended to keep honest people from falling into the thief category during a weak moment. A lock and alarm will not keep a car thief that wants your car from getting in and driving it away. The lock and alarm, however, will slow the car thief down a bit. In today's world a car alarm is generally ignored.

But they do get a quick acknowledgement from just about everybody near the vehicle. If that acknowledgement lets a bystander see a thief with a car theft tool working on your door they may scare the thief off or at least call somebody to go after them. Put interior items out-of-sight Thieves are generally looking for particular types of cars to steal if they happen to be professional car thieves. If they are more toward the occasional car thief they may be more tempted to break into your car over another car if there are items inside it that may be of value.

If you keep the interior visually bare to the outside eye the chances of your car being overlooked by an occasional thief are greater. Be aware of your surroundings When you are parking, locking and securing your car take a peak around at your surroundings. This is always a good idea for your personal safety but also a good idea for your car as well. Are their small groups of men standing about? Are there other cars and a general flow of people about? Is your car the nicest one in the immediate vicinity? If you need to be there, there is really not much you can do other than to secure the car but you can make an effort to keep an eye on it a bit more then you might otherwise. Safe parking places Also following the good for your personal safety as well as automobile security rule is parking in a safe place. Light is the primary consideration in this regard.

Make sure there is plenty of light available around the car. Thieves detest being seen and will likely go in search of another car that is safer to steal then yours. Parking close to the building entrance is a good idea but not to close.

This is important for the reason that people will be able to see somebody breaking into your car but detrimental because the thief knows when you left the car if they have been keeping an eye on the areas comings and goings. Information in a safe place Make sure that you have made copies of all the relevant insurance and registration information you may need if your car is stolen or damaged. Often, people just leave the originals in the glove box and don't have copies. If the car is stolen and you donâ??t have the information you have just added another headache to the large one you already have. Fully covered It may cost a bit extra now but if your car has any significant value to it having a replacement option on the policy is always a good idea. It may be the only saving grace that you'll have after your car is stolen or damaged.

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