Bartending Tips To Make You A Great Bartender

If you want to be a great bartender, then you have to have the knowledge and skill that the job requires. Bartending is a very rewarding career, but it is also very demanding. A bartender must keep their customers and themselves happy with the service that they provide.

No one likes to be around a bartender who gives poor service. There are certain things that a bartender has to do to keep ahead of the game. Knowing drinks and how to prepare them is one of the most important things to learn.

In this article are several bartending tips that will help you along in your quest to be a great barkeep.

One of the most important things is to know your drinks! It is very disappointing to go to a bar and realize that the bartender doesnt know how to make your favorite cocktail! As a bartender, you should be extremely familiar with all things about bartending. There are several bartending books out there that list drink after drink.

Grab a few of them and read them whenever you have a spare moment. Use the internet as well.

Knowing how to prepare a rare drink by heart is sure to make your bartending skills a hit! Know your glassware! This may seem crazy but the glass you use for your mixed drinks truly does matter. Part of the excitement of ordering a martini is getting it in the signature glass!

After you know the basics, the best bartending tips are all about the methods used to make drinks. One of these is how to accurately stir a drink before it is served. This requires a stirring spoon, or a stirring stick and a mixing glass.

You should pour your ingredients into the mixing glass and stir in a clockwise motion, slowly. After you have stirred, pour the mixture over the cold ice.

Using this technique should accurately and smoothly mix drinks to your customers wishes.

A wonderful piece of advice for pouring a drink is about building it, and with some drinks, creating layers may be required; first with ice, then any spices, then with the alcohol. It seems so simple but even the simplest tips can create the highest level of service!

Anyone, at any stage of bartending, or anyone looking to hone a particular skill, can benefit from bartending tips. The important thing is to remain open to advice and take opportunities to improve your skills wherever they might arise.

The internet is one of the best sources for information about bartending, but bookstores, and even flair bartenders possess a wealth of knowledge that you may have never discovered before. Learning new styles of bartending, or new drinks to make, can all help you on your bartending quest.


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