Blogs the Hot New Alternative Job Finding Secret

Of course you know what blogs are. But did you know they're fast becoming the secret alternative job finding strategy? It's pretty exciting news. Because if you can master this simple alternative job finding strategy you can blow your job search competition out of the water! Here's how. First, you know there are all kinds of traditional job search techniques. You've probably tried most of them. You know, like writing and rewriting a resume, mass distributing it to some job sites, emails and regular mail, answering lots of advertised openings, maybe contacting some agencies and recruiters.

If this is what you've been doing, then you also know it takes a lot of time to manage. And a lot of time while you wait for results which can often take weeks and months. But there is a better way. And a lot faster! It's called the alternative job search system or non-traditional career advancement.

It's called "alternative" and "non-traditional" because it bypasses the old-fashioned traditional approaches in favor of strategies that are more consistent with the way employers make hiring decisions and the way jobs are offered TODAY. There are many exciting alternative job search strategies. Most of them are outlined in the non-traditional career advancement bible: "The World's Fastest Alternative Job Search System!" When you master these simple strategies you can be entertaining job offers in as little as two weeks. One of these exciting alternative strategies is learning how to use blogs to identify organizations that are consistent with your job search goals.

And even more specifically, discover the names of hiring decision-makers who could be your next boss. It's worth taking the time to sift through the amazing variety of blogs to find the gems that are loaded with industry-based news, information, tips, observations, philosophy, gossip and, yes, even jobs. Company blogs are often loaded with useful information about company expansion, new product development and introduction.

The reason this information is so useful is because it becomes the basis for targeting a selection of decision-makers you want to approach. Under the new rules of alternative job search, your immediate goal is NOT to write and rewrite a resume. But to put together a portfolio of carefully thought out benefits you bring to an organization going forward and answers to the hot-button issues an employer would like hear from someone he/she is interested in bringing on board as a member of the team. So, don't waste your time blowing your horn about what you used to do for someone else.

Employers ultimately really don't care. Instead, use the blogs to put together a proposal that shows very specifically how you can make a difference. When you do that, you will be light years ahead of your competition!.

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