Career Are You Feeling Victimized

Are you feeling that you are getting a raw deal in your job? Do you feel that you are being blamed wrongly? That you are being given more responsibilities than you can handle? That no body bothers about your comfort? You don't get any appreciation? That your smallest mistake is being blown out of proportion and you are made to feel bad? You may be getting emotionally abused? Are you getting a strong sense of discomfort? If yes, please read on.Before you decide that you are being victimized, please think about what is happening at your work place. If possible talk to few co-workers and tell them of what you think. After thinking and deliberating on this, decide if the victimization is real and not imaginary.

In some instances, we feel strongly about a issue, but after further investigation we find that the truth is different. Therefore it is important to find out the truth before you proceed further. Once you decide that the victimization may be real, write all those demands, and behaviors that make you feel bad about. Find out about those that you can cope with. And separate those that you feel impossible to bear any more. Prepare a note explaining all that is happening and talk to your top management about this.

Please be aware that if your top management is not just, you will be further shouted upon for making imaginary complains. But if they understand, they will surely talk to you and try to redress what they can.This situation depends on the individuals and one has to decide himself/herself about the worst-case scenario.

There is no growth in a life when you get the feeling of being victimized in your job. We all must grow and therefore take steps to come out of this problem.


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By: CD Mohatta

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