Careers after Fitness Training Schools

If you are interested in helping others to live rewarding and healthier lifestyles, you can join a fitness training school. Once you have completed the course, you can work towards improving the appearance and health of your clients. This could be achieved by helping them to adhere to strict diet and exercise routines and fitness programs. Functions Of A Fitness Training School There are several fitness training schools that provide students with the basic knowledge of physiology, anatomy, nutrition, homeostasis and metabolism. They also teach them how to design, manage and implement various fitness plans, conduct physical assessments and train their clients for health safety. You can develop the practical skills in the classroom, along with an externship program for professional training.

These schools prepare students to work with people belonging to different fitness levels and help them attain various goals. This could involve designing weight loss programs for middle aged overweight men and women, leading calisthenics workouts in nursing homes or gymnasiums, guiding world class athletes or preparing exercise routines for children who have special health issues. Students also learn to design anaerobic and aerobic exercises. Requirements: A fitness trainer needs to have an Associate of Science degree in sports, medicine, physiology, physical education, exercise science or any health care related field. Most positions require a Master of Science or Bachelor of Science degree.

Career Opportunities After Fitness Training School 1.Health Club Or Gym Instructor: Your salary will depend on the reputation of the gym or health club. 2.Freelance Fitness Trainer: Your clients will pay you directly. Fitness trainer salaries vary a lot. At the initial stages, you could expect around 16,000 dollars, annually.

It all depends on the region, experience and education level. 3.Personal Trainer: If you become a personal trainer to movie stars and athletes, you can earn a six-figure salary.

4.Trainer At Private Spas, Cruises, Resorts Or Online: Your services could be employed by a particular chain or by visitors to a particular fitness website. 5.Fitness Writing, Consulting And Athletic Coaching: You could open your own gym or start group fitness instructions at any convenient venue. Points To Remember 1.For a career in fitness training you need to be persistent, patient, motivating and organized.

You should love working and interacting with all kinds of people. 2.You do not need to look like a bodybuilder to become a fitness trainer.

However, you should make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and become a role model for your clients. 3.Get certified in specialty. It is not required, but it indicates an advanced level of understanding and in turn, enables you to quote higher rates for your services. 4.If you are not sure where you want to work, take some time to conduct research online.

5.If you want to join a club, call the local clubs and ask about their requirement for personal trainers. 6.Market yourself and improve your skills. You should attempt to take special fitness courses, to add quality to your resume. You should also attempt to make the most of available opportunities to acquire hands-on experience.

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