Contract versus Permanent Positions

Both contract and permanent positions in any industrial sector have their merits and demerits. Quanta provides recruitment services in both these job types. For the most part, an individual's decision to accept either a contract or permanent position will be based wholly on their personal circumstances and preferences. It is worth mentioning that contract employment tends to be more common in sectors like IT and banking. It is quite rare to find contract employment in other industries like the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps one of the most attractive things about contract positions is the freedom and flexibility that they provide to an individual.

This means that contract workers are not tied down to any particular role or organization for a long period of time. They have the opportunities to explore new employment prospects and experiences. Though contract employment provides a good degree of freedom, it does not guarantee job security. With a permanent position, an individual can enjoy the benefits of job security and stability.

There is evidence that job security can enhance the work performance of individuals. It can also help promote higher levels of job satisfaction. Furthermore, permanent employees also have a higher ladder of earning potential than contract workers.

They also enjoy more employment benefits and bonuses like health insurance, pay rises, holidays, company cars and so on. In terms of pensions and pension schemes, permanent employees also have the edge. This is because most companies will only have pension schemes for their permanent employees. Permanent employees are also more likely to have higher pension saving levels. The state of the economy also plays a vital role in the decision to take contract employment or a permanent one. This is because during times of economic recession, some firms may opt to downsize their workforce in order to reduce costs.

They may do this by outsourcing their employment overseas. This means that many permanent workers may find themselves redundant without any prospects for immediate work opportunities. It is at times like this that contract positions are most beneficial. It should also be stated that contract workers now have the same rights as permanent workers in any given organization.

This is mainly due to the employment regulations on contract employment. These regulations have been formulated to safeguard the rights and interests of contract workers. Conclusively, for those just starting out their careers, contract employment is a good idea because it gives them opportunity to explore a range of opportunities and to find out the best path.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment Company.

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