Correcting Inverted Nipples in Men and Women

Inverted Nipples affect many men and women throughout the world. While it appears to only be a cosmetic issue, it can lead to emotional distress for some and difficulty breastfeeding for others. Women can likewise be affected by flat nipples that can pose problems with breastfeeding their babies. Treatment options are available with very favorable results that do not always include surgery. Most physicians are not familiar with the treatments available except for surgery, nor do they discuss the inversion with their clients. To them, it is a variation of normal and since they have very little information to share, it is ignored.

They may question if the inversion is congenital and if that is the case, they will usually not be concerned. If the inversion is recent they may want to rule out any underlying causes by ordering mammogram or breast sonar. The treatment option that women seek commonly is surgery. It is not a solution without consequences as it is not always permanent and it can have an effect on a woman's ability to breastfeed her child. There is another treatment option that offers a solution, but it may not be suggested by a health care professional because they are unfamiliar with anything other than surgery. A successful treatment option without surgery would be from the use of the Niplette.

This is affordable and provides outstanding results to most men and women. Cosmetic surgeons recommend this before considering surgery on young women because it will not impede their ability to nurse their children in the future. The Niplette will in fact aid in preparing a women's nipples for breastfeeding. The website MotheringFromTheHeart.com has a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant on staff that is highly trained in the use of the device as her specialty is working with inverted and flat nipples.

She offers phone counseling and product support as needed. This device can be made affordable to all men and women seeking treatment. A 2 payment plan option is available or Lay Away for those that have difficulty affording the product.

To order the Niplette, go to MotheringFromTheHeat.com The Niplette consist of a thimble shaped cup that fits over the nipple. Suction is used to draw the nipple out and this suction is maintained the entire time the product is worn. To be therapeutic, it should be worn for eight hours a day.

Treatment time can take up to three months. People undergoing cosmetic surgery can also benefit from using the Niplette in that it can enhance the result from surgery. It must only be used with your physician's approval. Some women have obtained a successful correction of their inverted nipples by breastfeeding for an extended period of time. Of course some women have difficulty breastfeeding with the inverted nipples, so the Niplette is still recommended. The use of Breast Shells, Breast pumps or the Evert-It will not have the same response as the Niplette.

The Niplette is the only product researched to correct flat or inverted nipples. To get more information about the Niplette, please visit www.Motheringfromtheheart.com.

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