Dynamite Interview Technique Puts You at the Head of the Pack

You've no doubt read a lot about interview technique. There's plenty written. Some of it helpful, much of it not. And I'm not going to bore you with another lecture on how to do it. Because in the final analysis, an employer will be interested in you primarily because he/she feels comfortable with you and sees you as a welcome addition to the team. So, you either fit in or you don't.

The fact is, interviewing technique has changed significantly in the past few years. That's because employers' expectations of job candidates have changed dramatically. It used to be that you could dress decently, have a smile and a firm handshake, present your work history and educational credentials, answer a few questions . .

. and, boom, it was over. Then you sat and waited for the phone to ring to see if you passed. Today's decision-makers are much more savvy. They expect you to come to table armed with intelligence about the organization and its goals. In other words, they want to hear how you see yourself fitting in.

So, here's the dynamite interview technique . . . present yourself as the solution to a problem! Before you even go to the interview, single out an area of concern for the organization.

Your interview technique is then to identify that problem area to the employer and show how your credentials and capabilities are the solution. Memorialize your presentation by telling a lively story of a comparable situation in which you solved a similar problem. And quantify your results by using specific numbers or percentage increase or changes, etc. In other words, paint a picture of you in action so that the employer can easily visualize you at work. When you're successful at this technique, you'll create a memorable representation of yourself solving a problem that's of particular interest to the employer. In his/her mind the employer begins to see you doing the same thing for him/her.

And, voila, you've created a truly lasting impression! So, if you want to get yourself ahead of the competition, do what they're not doing. Present yourself as a problem-solver for a specific problem (or two) that emerges from your research about the organization. Then, talk about yourself in story format . .

. the more colorful and specific the better. The good news is there's an exciting alternative job search system that tells you exactly how to utilize this interview technique .

. . and a whole lot more. In fact, you can discover how to land a good job in as little as 14 days!.

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