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If you're graduating this year, get ready for the hottest job market for grads! According to John Challenger of the outplacement consulting firm, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, this is certainly the hottest job market for grads in the past five years. If you're a grad this year, here's what that can mean to you: 1. Multiple job offers. 2.

More perks. 3. Sign-up bonuses. 4. 72% of employers indicated they will be hiring 2006 grads this summer.

That's exciting because it represents a significant advance from previous years. But there's another side to the story. The best jobs will go to the creme of the 2006 crop. And the competition will be fierce, not only for the plum assignments but for the average ones as well.

Competition goes with the 2006 territory of the hottest job market for grads. If you're new to the job market you have an advantage. You're not condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who have been around the block a few times. Most of the time experienced job seekers have been schooled in the old-fashioned, last-century job search methods. For example, they have been taught, often right at school, that the way you find a job is to prepare an award-winning resume. Then you mass distribute it to job websites like Monster and HotJobs.

You address it to a number of companies you'd like to work for. You comb through the Wall Street Journal and New York Times (Sunday edition) wants ads every week. And, of course, you get your resume into the hands of some agencies and recruiters. And then you wait for the interview invitations to pour in.

Here's the problem with that scenario. First of all, you're putting yourself right in the middle of all the competition. Let's face it.

How many other grads just like you are doing the exact same thing? If you want a guarantee of eligibilty for one of those hot jobs you have to squash the competition! Secondly, when you send in your resume as par of a mass distribution plan, it's not getting into the hands of the person you're going to work for--you know, the one who'll ultimately make the hiring decision about you. Your resume masterpiece is going to some personnel staffer who doesn't have the faintest idea what the decision-maker's hot buttons are. And finally, you have to understand that no hiring decision-maker is going to make you an offer on the basis of a piece of paper, no matter how attractive it is. In fact, most employers could care less about what you used to do for someone else. They're only interested in what you bring to the table right now that could make a bottom line difference. So, what's a savvy grad to do if a traditional job search just doesn't get it anymore? Well, here's another piece of good news.

There's a proven alternative job search plan that show you the right way to conduct a winning job campaign--the kind where you're in control rather than a victim of random responses. And, what's even more exciting, this amazing non-traditional career advancement system can show you how to get in front of decision-makers of your choice in a matter of days. And how to lock up a high-paying job in as little as two weeks!.

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