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Finding jobs is no longer a difficult task, with so many employment opportunities available, the internet has simplified the task of finding jobs online. People all over the world are searching and applying for jobs from the comfort of their homes. Interestingly, the internet has made new ground when it comes to overseas jobs and it is now possible for a US citizen to apply for a job in the UK. If you are currently looking for a job, and want to know how you can harness the power of the internet to find jobs, here are a few pointers. Before you start applying for jobs online, the first task is creating a professional resume.

Most job websites have a resume builder, but it is important to have a professional resume typed and ready for use. Job sites allow users to upload their resumes in .DOC or .

PDF format, make sure you convert your resume into the relevant format. There are thousands of job sites, each with their pros and cons, and it is impossible to use or even view all the job websites. To simplify your search for a jobsite you can use intelligent keywords to narrow down your search. For example, if you are looking for jobs in Oklahoma, just type in 'Oklahoma Jobs' in Google and other search engines.

The search results mentioned above will bring up job listings and websites that specialize in jobs in Oklahoma. You can also search for jobs directly by typing in phrases that match the job description; for example, the search phrase "IT Jobs Oklahoma" will bring up IT job postings and websites that have IT job postings in Oklahoma. Although there are thousands of job sites, there are a few job sites that warrant special attention. The top ten job websites today are YAHOO! HotJobs, JobCentral.com, CollegeRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster.

com, Job.com, Career.com, TrueCareers.com, CareerShop.

com and Net-Temps.com. If you have the time and resources you should register with all of the ten websites mentioned above. It is important to remember that registering with too many sites can lead to unnecessary emails and complicate your task. Sometimes employers use more than one website to find employees and it is highly likely you will receive the same job posting from different job websites. Apart from job websites, you can also view job listings in various directories.

The problem with directory listings is that they are usually outdated and might just end up wasting your time. In addition, there is no harm in contacting companies or organizations directly. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to wait till a job opening is posted to contact an organization. Once you mail your resume to an organization, the resume is stored in the company's database and once an opening is available, you might receive a call from the company directly.

The downside of mailing your resume to the HR department directly is that there might not be a job opening and you might have to wait. Tips for using job websites A profile allows users to create a bio based on different skill sets and most job sites allow users to create multiple profiles. For example, an internet copywriter can create a profile that show cases his copywriting skills and another profile which is based on his creative writing skills. If possible, you should always create multiple profiles to increase the number of job postings you receive.

Apart from creating multiple profiles, you should make sure that your profile is complete in all respects; mention previous work experience, salary expected, preferred location and other relevant details. As mentioned earlier, it is important to upload a professional resume to ensure greater penetration and to project a professional image. Also register your resume with websites that offers services in your particular city. To find jobs in Oklahoma visit www.


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