Finding Pharmaceutical Jobs in Ireland

The pharmaceutical job market in Ireland is one which requires job applicants to possess a combination of skills and experience. The most successful pharmaceutical sector job candidates are those who have the necessary academic qualifications and commercial experience. It is also worth mentioning that the pharmaceutical job sector can be very competitive and thus, challenging for candidates.

With the assistance of a reputable recruitment firm like Quanta, pharmaceutical industry applicants have a better chance of securing suitable positions. When Quanta was first established in 1992, the company mainly specialized in providing IT staff recruitment services to the finance and telecommunications sectors. The company later felt the need to diversify the scope of their service by providing recruitment solutions to industries like the pharmaceutical and bio-technological sectors. Quanta operates both in the UK, Eire and in other overseas job markets.

As such, Quanta has a wealth of experience in placing their candidates in suitable pharmaceutical roles in Ireland. Their team of professional staff are capable of providing pharmaceutical candidates with expert recruitment guidance and advice. Regardless of whether a candidate is looking for a contract or permanent opportunity or their chosen vertical market, Quanta has what it takes to assist them. This is because aside from their experienced staff, Quanta is equipped with some of the most sophisticated back office tools which allow them to provide a more efficient service. Not only that, Quanta builds and maintains close relationships with top level management with the pharmaceutical industry. This means that they are able to get immediate visibility on new pharmaceutical vacancies in Ireland.

Therefore, their pharmaceutical candidates can apply for new vacancies quicker than other candidates. The fact is that Quanta is able to provide a well-tailored recruitment service which can meet the exact requirements of candidates looking for jobs in Ireland. It should also be noted that Quanta is dedicated to providing a customer-oriented recruitment service. The company genuinely wants to ensure that their candidates settle in their new roles. This is why after a suitable position has been secured for a candidate, they enroll them on to their candidate care program.

The candidate care program was designed to provide extensive support and guidance to all candidates. This ensures that applicants can immediately settle in their new roles. It is this sort of comprehensive support that has made Quanta one of the leading recruitment firms for pharmaceutical jobs in Ireland.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment consultancy.

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