Finding Work You Love

Values & Needs.Pick your top five values.
Our personal values are our secret motivators.

These are not moral values, they are what give us energy whether we are aware of what they are or not. You find it easy to be your best when you are engaged in them. They are part of us, we are born with them, and maybe we can add to them, but probably can't get rid of them. Look here for a list of values. Quiet other people's voices in your head, the only wrong values are those that are not truly yours.

Meaningful lives and careers are built upon bringing your words thoughts and actions in line with your values.Assessment .Whether it is your first job or your fifth, unemployed or employed, figure out what you want before you start the search.
Identify and evaluate all your gifts, skills and abilities; look at all your previous jobs, volunteer work, etc. What was it about these experiences, that you liked? What are you good at? What came easy? What did you hate?
What are the ideal elements you want in your career? Salary, commuting time, type of people, independence or structure, benefits, organization size, etc.
Create two lists of the above elements.

The first should include all of the elements and skills you want in next your next job, and the second list should be the elements you don't want present, or the skills you don't want to use. Isolate what are absolutes for you in your work. What would be the deal breaker? What are the elements that need to be there for you to be your best at work?
Who are you?
What skills do you want to use?
Which is the group of people you are most drawn to helping? Is the poor, elderly, teens, artists, homeless, students, teachers, Americans, Third World Countries, etc?
What are you most passionate about? Is it the arts, environment, hunger?? In What Geographical Location do you want to help them?.Industries.Build a list of careers, jobs, volunteer work, etc. that would fulfill your values, needs, the skills you want to use, and any other requirements you have such as salary, location, etc.

Compile a list of all of the potential careers that include the elements you outlined above. Pick and rank your top five.
This may require a bit of research. Check out: online.

onetcenter.org.Now write a paragraph indicating how you are going to fulfill your values and needs by using your skills, strengths, gifts, in your industry of choice to serve what you are most passionate about.Visualize it
Use your mind to imagine you are working in the location, at the company, with the people you want to work with.

Get into the details, the light, room colors, and kinds of people. How does it feel to have work you love? What is different? Visualize this daily, keep building on it, and adding the details.Action.Our actions come from a deep relatedness to our values.

When our work is connected to what is most important to us, it is easy for us to take the actions necessary to bring that goal to fruition.

.By Allan Fried Allan is a New York based Career and Business coach, who helps clients find out what they really want, and how to get it.

He works with clients domestically and internationally. You can reach him through his website: http://www.careerintervention.com coach@careerintervention.com.

By: Allan Fried

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