Good Reasons Why Military Personnel Should Choose Truck Driving

Luke is a retired military officer, who now drives a truck throughout the nation and drops in every month to be with his family. He is not only earning good perks, but enjoys the bumpy rides. He travels through bad roads, traffic jams, and harsh weather and still loves his job. This military man is tough and enjoys the flexibility in the trucking career. Not only is he enjoying the job, but also earns easily the perks and bonuses.

After being in the military service and staying away from the family for months and at times even a year, he finds ample of time to be with his dear ones.

Like Luke there are many military men, who have taken the opportunity of becoming truck drivers. There are numerous good reasons, why one should get into trucking after military.

If you are curious enough to know the good reasons, why military personnel should choose truck driving then read on.

Job Security

After retiring from military service, you need not worry for some extra income. There are numerous job vacancies for truck drivers, which are supposed to increase in number in another few years. The job is stable and does not leave you worried about the future.


Though trucking is a time sensitive job, it is quite flexible in nature. You do not have to typically get up at 5 in the morning and start your day and end by 7 pm or so. You have flexible timings, provided you make sure you reach the goods in the given time.

You can halt as many times as you want and drive at your own space on your favorite roads. With trucking, you do have the pressure of the supervisor barking at you for halting as per your convenience. Just put on some music and drive down the highway.

Good salary and perks

Trucking has good salaries and perks to offer. All the truck drivers get handsome salary and apart from wages, they are entitled for various perks, festival bonus, insurance policies including the family and much more.

The hours that you put in for work can fetch you more money. Some truck drivers are given wages on a weekly basis. With so much of money involved in the trucking profession, you have no reason to neglect it.

Being with the family

Unlike army life, you get to spend more time with your family and friends.

If you are a domestic truck driver, you get to stay with your family. However, if you are a national truck driver, you still get time to be with your family. However, the duration depends on the number of trips you have to make.


Being a military man, you would like to come across challenges. Trucking is full of different challenges.

Each trip is full of various events. At times you need to rush through thick woods, or drive carefully over the small bridge that hovers over the huge river. Sometimes you need to remove the tier puncture yourself amidst nowhere or drive at odd hours amid heavy traffic jams. Each trip has a new challenge to offer that keep you going with the job.

With so much to offer trucking is certainly a favorite career among many. The work is exciting, fun and has lots to give in return. Military men are sure to have great share of fun and perks to be a truck driver.


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