How Pick the Perfect Guide

When you are looking for the perfect guide, you need to consider a few things before deciding on which one will serve your needs. Although experience is the most import, some others will help you pick the right walleye fishing guide. The first thing to remember is to be honest with the guide about what you need and how much experience you have walleye fishing. The more information you provide, the better off you will be with the guide. If you are a beginner and using a guide, they can show you some great tips for fishing the walleye. If you are less than honest, you may not catch anything.

If you have any limitations, do tell the guide so they can accommodate your needs. Talking to other people about the different guides they have used is a excellent way to find a good walleye fishing guide. You can plan a fishing trip that might be similar to their trip and have the same fun and excitement. You can also ask the guide for referrals of people who have used their service.

Keep in mind that you cannot just talk to one person, you need to have a few people to talk to, to see how their fishing experience was and if the guide was as good as he or she has said. This is very important when choosing a fishing guide. If you are reading this article, you can access the Internet, find many reviews of different guides, and see what guides are available in different areas. You might be planning your trip to one area when you find a walleye fishing guide with perks in another area that meets your needs. You can search by state, city or by finding some reviews of the specific lakes or rivers.

The Internet is a great way to find out information. The walleye fishing forums are also a great wealth of information. Two important things that make a guide credible are the insurance and license. Always ask for proof of insurance and a license. If the guide has insurance and a license great, if not, they are not recognized by that particular state as a reputable walleye fishing guide.

Every guide should have insurance in case something would happen to the boat or to your equipment as well as yourself. The license comes from the Coast Guard and means that the boat was inspected and the boat owner has the proper training needed to run a guide service. This includes first aid training and boating safety. You should pick a guide by what is included in the price. If you do not ask questions about what the guide includes, you may find some added costs when you arrive for a day of fishing.

A good guide service should have the bait, gear and tackle that you need if you do not want to bring your own. You should find out if they buy the fishing license or do you have to as well as do they provide any lunches or beverage. In most cases, you are responsible for your food, beverages and fishing license. Find out if there any discounts or special package deals.

If you have a group, you might find that some guide services offer a discount for more people. If you book more than one day, will you receive a discount should also be discussed. Just because the guide service does not advertise a discount, you should still ask the question just in case they have one in place that they give to customers upon making reservations.

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