How To Become A Private Investigator In California

If you want to live and work as private investigator in California then you'll need to know a few things before you start. To work as a private investigator in California you'll need to read the fact sheet below and make sure you understand it all. Firstly you need to be 18 years and older to be a private detective in California.

You'll need to do a criminal check before you get your license and you'll need to have a no criminal history or you won't have a chance to become a private investigator. Must have 3 years of compensated investigative work experience which is about 6,000 hours in total. You also need a AA degree in police science, criminal law or justice and need at least 2 and half years of experience which is around 5,000 hours. Pass a 2 hour multiple-choice exam and once you've passed the exam and all other requirements you'll need to pay a $175 licensing fee to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services PO BOX 989002, West Sacramento, California 95798-9002.

You'll also need to complete an application form with two recent passport photos and pay a $50 fee and your Private Investigator Live Scan form must be signed by a Live Scan Operator. Pay $32 for a DOJ fingerprint processing fee and a $24 FBI Fingerprint processing fee at the Live Scan offices. Now that you've done all the above you need to know about the Firearm permits as a private investigator. You are not allowed to carry any firearms once you're a private investigator until you get a firearm permit from the Department of Consumer Affairs. To obtain your firearm permit you'll need to complete the following details - Complete a course in Power to Arrest which is a 3 hour training course.

- Sit for a 14 hour training course on moral and legal aspects, weapons handling and shooting basics, firearms nomenclature, and range training. - You need to be an American citizen as well Once you've completed the following head down to the Private Investigator License with a Firearm Permit Live Scan form signed by a Live Scan Operator and pay a $80 application fee. You'll also need to pay another $28 for a Firearm Eligibility license and pay for another fingerprint check at $32. Then you'll need a tear gas permit if you wish to carry tear gas which is also issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Lastly if you're caring a firearm you'll need to get insurance for up to $1 million in insurance for armed bodyguard services.

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