How to Resign to Your Job Gracefully

There are numerous reasons why employees would want to quit their job. It can be caused by a bad relationship with colleagues, mental or physical issues, career change decision or wanting a greener pasture. This is always a crucial stage for everyone because of the fear of not handling your resignation properly because you wouldn't want to burn bridges while your struggling to start anew. Resigning gracefully is possible, below is the top ways on how to do it.

1.It is a norm to resign in person, be professional and face your boss. Set an appointment to discuss this pressing matter and provide a written resignation that contains your intention of leaving, the date you are resigning, the date you would like to live and affix your signature. 2.Do not be a coward and announce your resignation through email, fax or phone.

You need to be polite even if your leaving. And don't ditch your job without a warning, more so if you are planning to work in the same industry. 3.While delivering your oral resignation, be honest and tactful. Affirm that your decision is final unless your aiming for a counter offer.

And don't give too much information about the new company that you'll work for or the situations that lead to your resignation. 4.You should give them a time to find your replacement and offer to participate in the smooth transition by training your replacement sincerely or assign your duties to co-workers. 5.Give at least two to three weeks notice for your resignation.

It is unprofessional to leave without a notice and it can also haunt you in the future. 6.Don't burn bridges because its a small world after all.

You might not be working with them anymore but you can always bump into each other. Stay professional. 7.Be prepared for the aftermath of your decision to quit your job.

Straighten out all issues before leaving the office. Work diligently and finish your tasks during your notice period. 8.Look for another job before resigning so after all the stress of quitting your old job, you know that another opportunity is waiting for you. 9.Find the right time to quit your job, don't leave if you are financially unstable and have monthly to pay for.

The potential debts will be another dilemma. 10. Maintain a professional and businesslike image and don't result to drama because that is not what you want to be remembered or labeled. Remember that whatever your reason to go, do your best to resign gracefully so you can keep your head up while crossing any street.

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