Is your night cream a waste of money

Night time creams and moisturizers have in the last few years exploded on the market purporting to be the new fountain of youth and many contain ingredients of dubious usefulness. While millions of dollars of product sells every year, many doctors believe that some products might not be worth price. "Some night creams are extremely pricey but do not deliver any bang for the buck," says Dr. P.

K. Farris, a Louisiana dermatologist. Night Cream Manufacturers Distort Results Producers hyperbolize the effects of their creams and moisturizers in order to sell, pandering to women's self esteem issues and insecurities. Dr. L. Baumann, professor of dermatology in at a highly regarded university in Florida believes that, "Companies make all kinds of statements the skin and its night-time activities.

They say that the skin does all sorts of special processes that it doesn't do during the day. And this is just false. There's no proof in much of what they say." Dermatologists Agree that Some Night Creams Contain Proven Anti-Aging Ingredients. Proven anti-aging compounds do exist: Retinol, Peptides (proteins), and Vitamin C have been shown to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. And the use of Retinol in a night cream, "makes perfect sense because retinol can be rendered inactive by sunlight," says Dr.

Baumann. Peptides and Vitamin C boost the skin's product of collagen, which smoothes wrinkles and improves skin firmness. In order to work, night cream must (1) contain the proper ingredients in the proper concentration; and (2) be given time to work, a minimum of 5 hours a night for 8 weeks. If the creams are used only sporadically the desired results cannot be seen, "It's sort of like when you need a blood transfusion and instead of putting in an IV you just splash the blood on your skin.

Similarly a moisturizer won't do any good unless it penetrates and to do so it must have time to work," says Seattle based dermatologist Dr. Sandy Read. In Sum A night cream need not cost arm and a leg but quality creams should contain Peptides, Vitamin C, and Retinol. Many reputable brands can be found online using search engines but I do recommend a quality source, http://www.nighttimemoisturizers.com .

This website is devoted solely to night creams and, of course, night creams. They have a wealth of knowledge and research on the matter. Do your research, do not fall prey to advertisers that promise much and fail to deliver the right ingredients in the right proportion. A quality night cream can help you fight the effects of aging, soothe the skin, and boost collagen production.

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