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The IT industry is perhaps the most influential sector of the economy. This is because many industries like the banking and finance sector are dependent on it. As such, the IT job market can be a highly lucrative one for a candidate or IT professional. Though the IT boom may be subsiding, there is still a high demand for individuals with the right IT skills and experience. When Quanta was established in 1992, the IT sector formed the core of its specialty vertical markets or disciplines. For almost 14 years now, Quanta has built and maintained a good track record in IT recruitment.

During that period of time, they have provided recruitment assistance to countless IT professional and corporate clients. Just like many other job markets, the IT job market can be a difficult one for IT professionals. This is mainly due to the fact that the market is highly competitive. Another reason for this is the fact that recently, the IT industry has been experiencing a skills shortage. The problem of fluctuating job requirements and changes in skills demanded by IT employers further exacerbates this challenges. Studies and research have shown that an increasing number of IT employers are looking to employ IT professionals with people skills.

This means that there is now a fall in demand for professionals with strictly 'hard' technical skills. Therefore, IT professionals like business analysts are currently in high demand. As always, IT candidates need all the help they can get in terms of keeping informed about new industry job requirements and securing suitable roles. This is where Quanta can help professionals. Quanta fosters close relationships with top level IT management and this ensures that they have first a look at new IT jobs before anybody else does.

As a result, Quanta is able to obtain a full understanding of the clients recruitments needs and skills requirements. This knowledge can be relayed to IT professional candidates via the tailored service they receive from Quanta. Quanta also has the experienced staff who specialize in the IT job market. So there is no doubt that Quanta has the resources and tools to provide their candidates with expert guidance and advice. An increasing number of individuals are choosing Quanta. This is because many IT professionals have realized that they have a better chance of obtaining the most suitable roles when they patronize Quanta's services.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment consultancy.

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