Job Hunting Online Is It a Waste of Time

Let me be blunt. If you're spending a lot of time job hunting online the old-fashioned way, you're wasting your time. The reasons are pretty simple and basic. It's a numbers game. And the numbers don't work in your favor! For example, the two biggest job hunting online services are Monster and HotJobs. Forget the notion that posting your resume on the two sites (or dozens of other similar ones) will lead to anything.

Monster boasts 15 million resumes in its active database. Just guess how many resumes pop up anytime an employer does a search. What are the odds that the right person will ever see your resume? Infinitesimal! Of course it's easy to post your resume on some job hunting online sites. We all like to take the easiest route.

And I'll be the last to tell you you'll never get a hit. But, unless you plan to spend months and months in the job market, I wouldn't plan on any online services to come up with something that's just right for you in a reasonable amount of time. In addition to the numbers not working for you, you're putting yourself right in the middle of all the competition . . .

not the best place to be if you have any hope of finding something soon. Even if an opening does pop up, remember it's not going to be a hiring decision-maker who'll be reading your resume and determining your fate. It'll be some personnel staffer or lower level assistant. Those of us who are committed to the alternative job search revolution know there's a better way. The reason we know is because we've talked to hundreds of decision-makers worldwide. To a person they've told us the most important quality they're looking for in a job candidate is someone they like who can productively fit into their team.

In fact, they tell us this is more important than their resume or work history. So, when you take a non-traditional career advancement approach, you focus on identifying hiring decision-makers in organizations that are consistent with your interests. That approach supersedes any resume or any kind of mass marketing (like posting online, or emailing or snail-mailing to countless numbers of companies).

It also takes a lot less time to get real and satisfying results. If you refocus your campaign by going after targeted hiring decision-makers in carefully identified organizations, then job hunting online the right way can be very helpful. For example, you can research companies that you have an interest in.

You can acquire background information about the products, services and goals. Likewise you can readily do some in-depth research into who the key players are that you should be talking to. In addition to Google, you can utilize resources like Who's Who and Thomas' Registry as well as the Association of Associations.

Discover how to do job hunting online the right way and save yourself a lot of time and energy. In fact, there's an exciting alternative job search system in place right now that can have you talking to qualified decision-makers in a matter of days. You can be entertaining real job offers in as little as two weeks.

Check it out!.

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