Job Interview Question Prepare for the ONE essential

Don't you wish every job interview question would go exactly as you predicted? You know, the interviewer asks questions just the way you imagined? Unfortunately that rarely happens. You have to be ready for anything. That means you have to think through alternative strategies. And be prepared to answer questions you couldn't anticipate.

But after all is said and done, there's only ONE essential that will finally make the difference in terms of your candidacy. It overshadows everything else that may happen in the interview. You will move forward to the next step only if the interviewer likes you! That's right! In the final analysis, once you're in the interview, it's less a matter of convincing the interviewer that you can do the job than of convincing them you're the kind of person the want.

That means they have to like you! So, how do you do that? Here are some tips to keeps in mind: 1. Enter the room with a smile. Look the interviewer directly in the eye. Extend your hand for a firm handshake. 2.

Be prepared to break the ice with a friendly comment. Could be about anything . . .

the weather, a sports event, you're trip to the office, where or what you ate last night at the BBQ, your pet, etc. 3. Let the interviewer control the pace and discussion climate. 4. On the other hand, don't sit like a bump and just passively answer all questions that come your way.

You want to turn this into a dialog. Be prepared to ask intelligent questions. 5.

Be ready to answer objections without getting defensive. Identify in advance where your weak spots are and practice a comfortable answer. Once again, remember, whether you get a job offer or move onto the next step depends a great deal on how much the interviewers like you. Of course, your qualifications to do the job are important.

But, don't forget, you were invited to the interview because someone had already reviewed your background and decided you would be worth talking to. So, your main task is to make youreself likeable!.

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