Making sure a first date goes smoothly

Preparing for a first date can be very nerve racking, especially if it's a blind date. But, most of the time, people have seen their date before they go out with them, so that is going to be the main focus of this piece. The key to preventing a major disaster on a first date is communication with your date. Do not let one person plan the whole date, surprises often lead to disaster in the dating world. Asking each other key questions will make your first date much more pleasurable. Most of the time, dates revolve around food, it's just a natural assumption that when you go on a date, there will be food.

So, if you let food be the focus of your first date you better make sure that both people agree beforehand on the establishment. Or, if someone is going to be very romantic and prepare a dinner for their date, they better ask what exactly the other person eats. Spending all day in the kitchen only to have someone tell you they never eat tuna, or they can't stand asparagus will really ruin your date. And, one of the biggest disaster than can ever occur is if you prepare someones meal with a food that gives them an allergic reaction.

Try having a successful second date after that happens-not gonna happen. All kinds of psychological twists with that one, haha. Make sure you ask your date if they are allergic to anything; it is a necessary step of any date, and will show that you are a compassionate individual. If you prepare dinner for your date, make sure you don't attempt to push your particular diet on them, especially if you are a vegan or raw foodist. These may be healthy ways to eat, but your date may very turned off by your course of action. In short, when it comes to food, many things can go wrong.

So take the necessary precautions. When the food is taken care of, you can move onto other aspects of the date, such as the conversation. If you are sitting in front of someone eating a meal, there is no way to escape, you are right in front of them. So, you want to make sure that you don't offend them or kill a happy vibe with inappropriate questions or discussion.

The key to successful dating is keeping the conversation light and happy. If you are going through a rough time in your life, you probably shouldn't be dating, make sure you are at a happy time in your life, this will make dating much easier. When talking to your date, keep the conversation away from controversy, do not get into a political debate on your first date. Stay away from talking about jobs, most people hate theirs, and you don't want to depress them on the date.

Focus on pleasant topics. Ask your date what they like to do for fun. Lead that conversation into fun and attempt to keep it there.

If a person tells you they don't have time for fun, because they always work, then ask them what they used to do for fun, or what they would do if they have more free time. Keep pushing towards light conversation. If the hobby route doesn't work, ask them what they like to read or bring up a recent celebrity faux pas if they seem receptive to this type of conversation.

A date that refuses to talk about light, happy subjects may not be a good long term mate for you, so use this as a test. Keep the food and conversation appropriate and you will have a great first date.

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