Moving Beyond the Typical Careers Advice for a Successful Career

There is no shortage of people offering careers advice to graduates throughout the United Kingdom. This advice comes with the best of intentions but most graduates are focused narrowly on getting their foot in the door within their industry. There are a few proven bits of career advice that graduates can take with them through their first year on the job. All graduates need to keep advanced education opportunities open in their early careers. Advanced education can take the form of an online education program, an advanced degree program at a traditional university or a comprehensive training program within the workplace. Graduates just entering the work force need to think of tuition costs and fees as an investment in better wages down the road.

Graduates also need to show their interest in advancement early and often to their managers. Young professionals make the mistake of assuming that their hard work and completion of major projects will show their desire to move upward in the workplace. Every graduate should sit down with their manager as soon as they realize that they want to make their job a career and develop a path up the corporate ladder. It is also important to build a network of colleagues and contacts throughout the workplace for support as a career progresses. Graduates make friends with their office mates but many overlook important contacts in different departments and different levels that can help them meet their career goals. The use of full staff meetings, parties and outings as networking opportunities can help a graduate build a list of references unparalleled by their peers.

In many industries, graduates need to begin publishing early and often in trade publications. Graduates who want to expand their possibilities within their particular industry should seek out every opportunity to promote their professional skills. Trade websites, blogs and conferences allow graduates to meet with experienced colleagues while showing off their acumen. The process of publishing itself shows the resilience and intelligence of a graduate before they ever get their first credit.

Graduates need to reassess their career goals on an annual basis to keep their perspective on their career path fresh. The idea that career goals are set in stone has been eliminated by the transient nature of modern employment. A graduate will change career paths and jobs several times in their lives which makes an annual reassessment of long held goals is the smart thing to do.

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