Oil and vinegar Drizzler Cruets that wont drip

Becoming more and more popular as gifts are the new Drizzle Cruets. Brad Brand of Cruets.com tells of how the new drizzler cruets have been custom made for the company. 'No drip' was the key to the new design, which was produced in order to combat the usual mess that occurs when standard oil and vinegar bottles are used.

To obtain a set of Drizzler Cruets, go to Cruets.com, where they are available exclusively. "Oil and vinegar are becoming popular additions to the diets of many, but some are deterred by a single problem ? the drip," Brand stated.

"The fact is, oil and vinegar bottles drip ? down the bottle, onto the table and countertops. Then you're left with a sticky, oily mess, which is unappealing to many." The new Drizzler Cruets were designed with exactly this problem in mind. Brand realized that if olive oil and gourmet vinegar were dispensed from specially designed glass drizzler cruets, the drizzle oil flow could be controlled, resulting in a non drip way of being able to drizzle oil and vinegar, without any mess on the bottle or table. Oily, sticky bottles and decanters are unappealing, and are often left on the shelf for this reason. The new Drizzler Cruets make this a problem of the past.

You can now drizzle oil and vinegar to your heart's content without the fear of drips or mess, and there's no need to wipe the bottles clean. Brand also stated that quality is an important factor at Cruets.com. Rather than being mass produced, "the Drizzler Cruets are hand blown by European glass craftsmen just for our company," he said.

Sold as a matching set, the Drizzler Cruets each hold 6 fluid ounces. Custom specifications state that they are made of lightweight, durable and hygienic, hand-blown borosilicate glass. A glass pour spout and the vessel body make up each drizzler cruet. Cruets are dishwasher safe. "The Drizzler Cruets have become one of our best selling gift products," Brand said.

"Last year we sold out of them at Christmas. They are already becoming a popular gift selection for Mother's Day, and other gift occasions.".

James Zeller writes for gourmet gift related websites such as www.cruets.com which offers a selection of oil and vinegar gifts and a creative collection of kitchen gourmet gifts.

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