Professional Resumes Receives Highest Rating

Professional Resumes, just received a full, five star rating from the Review Place (www.ReviewPlace.com) for it's top quality professional resume services for job seekers.

Professional Resumes are happy to have received a 5 star rating from Review Place.

"With one of our certified, professional resume writers you'll have a higher chance of interviews, job offers, and increased salary, and you won't have to worry about wasting hours reading how-to books or figuring out how to use complicated software," said Ronan Kennedy, a spokesman for Professional Resumes.

Their team of certified, professional, resume writers helps people land their new job faster with their unique insider knowledge of the career industry. They have a uniquely wide range of experience writing winning resumes for a broad range of careers from accountant to actor, construction worker to CEO and mechanic to military personnel.

Other benefits of Professional Resume's personal services include; reduced job search time, working with the publisher of top career books including "How to Win Interview Offers like Clockwork", and importantly Professional Resume offers complete satisfaction or a complete refund of their service fees.

"Our reviewers have thoroughly examined and checked all the services offered by Professional Resumes and are fully satisfied with their full range of products. It is the only place to go for job seekers who are looking for a resume service which consistently helps clients win interviews and build new rewarding careers," said Andy West, of Review Place.

Review Place is a leading provider of editorial and consumer based reviews on thousands of products and services.

Review Place rates and reviews everything from weight loss programs to employment services to online dating sites. Review Place's goal is simple: they want to save you time and money by providing quality information on the issues that impact your life. For more information, visit www.


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By: Andy West

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