Recruiting Agencies On The Cutting Edge

The Internet, the decreasing cost of computers, and the ease of use in design software has meant that web sites of all types have become more elaborate and reliant on design for viewers. Even sites run by people without web development or design courses are beginning to resemble professionally assembled web sites. The recruiting industry and its leaders are no different and many agencies have turned to elaborate web design and interactive sites to draw in new recruits and corporate clients.

One of the tools used by recruiting agencies looking for the technological edge is Flash animation, particularly as a viewer clicks onto the website. Flash animation allows a number of different introductory options, from a scrolling message to an elaborate animation showing a cartoon person hard at work. While these animation pieces are not germane to the job search, they are a good way of marketing the skill and attention to detail at a particular agency. Another technological tool used by recruiting agencies are updated job listings, ranging from simple boards like general job sites have to more interactive lists which can be narrowed down through an advanced search. These job listings are becoming a cornerstone in the recruiting field, as recruits and corporate clients want to combine the exclusive benefits of an agency with other benefits received through general job sites. As well, it is a good service to provide to recruits who are looking for the best job possible.

There are a number of other tools used through agency web sites that are meant to strengthen the bond with individual recruits. Some agencies have newsletters, e-mail alerts, and even phone text messaging services that can keep recruits in touch with their recruiter. These services typically keep a recruit updated on available jobs, industry news, and help build a community amongst individual recruits. The most advanced recruiting agencies around are utilizing instant messaging and online customer support in order to make their services more applicable. Recruiters, trainers, and coaches at an agency can utilize any number of instant messaging services, sanctioned by their agency, in order to stay in touch with their recruits.

As well, the use of online forums and recruiting chat rooms is a convenient way for busy professionals and recruits to find time to stay in touch. In all, recruiting agencies are beginning to resemble other businesses in developing technological solutions to meet 21st century demands.

Richard Taylor Edwards is the Managing Director of Talisman Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for construction careers and construction jobs in the UK and Europe.

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