Recruiting Top Notch IT Sales Professionals In The UK

The IT sales field in the United Kingdom is best characterised as booming at the moment. Companies both regional and national have expanded to cover territories beyond their wildest dreams, including the European mainland and beyond. The reason why computer and IT firms are able to expand so rapidly is that they have streamlined their production processes and developed virtual storefronts on the Internet. However, the underlying reason why IT sales are booming in the UK is the strong sales people that help move products from warehouses to homes throughout the region. Graduates throughout the UK who are interested in sales need to consider IT sales positions.

The future of information technology in the UK is bright, with companies attempting to keep up with demand by public institutions, private businesses, and individual consumers. Sales people with enthusiasm, intelligence, and creativity are needed to man the front lines in the hotly contested battle for IT sales. While the IT sales field is active at present, sales graduates need to be aware that every job open to them is not the best move for them professionally. Some companies lure in graduates with promises of advancement and big commissions only to have to cut down their workforce to maintain their bottom line. Other companies are just unable to maintain the level of service and selection that they promise at the outset.

Professionals need to be leery of companies recruiting top notch IT professionals in the UK. The best way to research companies that are active in IT sales recruiting is to do some background research. The Internet offers a great research tool for savvy graduates, as it cuts down to even the most obscure publications available online. While graduates interested in IT sales need to take some sites with a grain of salt, there are plenty of consumer websites and trade publications to shed light on a potential employer.

Once a company passes the basic research test, IT sales graduates need to consider what individual companies have to offer. A computer company that offers a training program and gradual advancement may be best for young professionals looking to make a career out of IT sales. Another company may offer immersion into field sales, higher commissions, but a crowded path to management positions. This type of IT sales job may be perfect for the graduate who wants to consider sales jobs in other fields or IT jobs in other departments. No matter the reason, IT sales applicants need to consider carefully what they want to do professionally before succumbing to the pressure of sales recruitment.

Mark Doherty is a Director of Alexander Chapel Associates. A specialist sales recruitment company with a focus in IT sales jobs, logistics jobs and supply chain recruitment.

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