Rewarding Careers In Video Game Design

Companies are interested in hiring those people who have a natural instinct of what makes a game good or bad, someone who knows how to design good games, a person who is passionate about playing video games. Secondly, while designing, one comes across many problems so they need someone with good problem solving skills. Last but not the least, companies need a person who can do things efficiently in a very short span of time, because of the fast paced competition in this industry. Training Requirements Not everyone can become a video game designer. It requires very specific training from a video game designing school.

Many degrees are available online. Colleges and universities offer degree programs and technical training in video games designing. These programs help you to develop various levels in the game from the beginning till the final stages. Technical training includes drawing, characterization, editing, interactive media and game design which strengthens your foundation for video game design. Working Environment Working as a video game designer involves working with a team of people from different fields who coordinate different aspects of the game to create a new video game.

If you are interested in making a career in this industry you could choose from a wide range of positions. A storyboard or character artist works out the skeleton with sketches and paintings of the different elements of the game. For this you need advanced technical training in graphic design and computer animation, which helps you to put your ideas through. Animators and character artist produce the characters of the game and give it a real look and feel with the help of 3D programs. Creating a new game is a long process and designing is one of the major stages. The team is made up of a lead designer and other level designers.

It is the responsibility of the level designers to create the right environment at different levels of the game for the player. They perceive the design team's vision of the game and create the necessary impact. They have to make the game exciting and engrossing. As the levels change, environment designers give the game a three dimensional quality. Texture artists give the flesh and skin to the various elements of the game. They see to it that the textures are convincingly fitted to their characters.

Programmers make the video game engine run. C++ is the preferred programming language. This is an essential part of video games.

AI is helpful in creating different elements of the game. Interface designers create menus heads up display in the game. Sound and audio experts create the required dramatic sound effects of the game and set the right mood. Professional testers deal with bugs and other related problems.

With the help of specialized training in advanced graphic design and your passion for video games you will be able to bring your video game characters to life and use your conceptual skills to bring out the concept envisioned. This will prove to be a valued asset for creating new video games and give you the required cutting edge to succeed in this competitive industry.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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