Sales Management Positions for UK Graduates

Graduates from universities in the United Kingdom and Europe who are interested in sales careers invariably think about ascending to management positions. Sales managers operate as the middle level between sales staff and sales executives, providing motivation to salespeople while ensuring the daily, monthly, and quarterly bottom line. The average day for a sales manager involves a variety of meetings and phone calls with field sales staff, fellow sales managers, and executives about company goals and new products. As well, sales managers need to attend sessions on new products and company policies in order to disseminate their knowledge down to sales professionals. Finally, sales managers need to keenly observe other managers and competing companies to figure out creative solutions to common sales problems. Young professionals interested in becoming sales managers need to look at particular industries first before applying haphazardly for open positions.

Graduates with some technical experience should consider working in the information technology or telecommunications industries. Companies in these fields require strong sales managers to keep sales departments running efficiently. For graduates with a liberal arts education, there are positions in publishing firms for sales managers.

Sales managers are important in publishing houses because profit margins are tight and every sale counts. Sales managers need to balance their personal interests, the strength of a particular industry, and a company's dedication to their sales managers before applying for a job. Once graduates decide which field to pursue, they need to make it through a rigorous application process. Companies are looking for natural leaders in their sales managers, with intangible skills that can be used from day one in the workplace. The graduate who is able to distinguish themselves as organized, articulate, and committed to excellence will stand the best chance of succeeding in sales management.

Typically, companies offer extensive training for sales management applicants. Graduates are put through classroom training about company policies, products, and the competition. With this information at hand, sales managers use the workplace as their laboratory under the guidance of experienced sales staff. The quick pace of sales management gets exceptional graduates up to speed within weeks, not months or years. The rewards for this quick learning curve and hard work are great for sales management graduates. Sales managers typically make salaries in the mid 30,000 to low 40,000 pound range, depending on company size.

Managers receive exceptional benefits, ongoing professional development, and stock options which provide long term financial incentives.

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