Self Employment Satisfaction

Have you toyed with the idea of self employment? The odds are quite good that you have at least considered it in passing, but perhaps you were not sure if your skills were the kinds of abilities that would permit you to embark in business for yourself and successfully feed your family. Additionally, you might have wondered if indeed it would be possible to market a product without having a large marketing department stand behind you, and a second party paying your wages until the marketing campaigns prove themselves to be fruitful. Yet when you see those who have already embarked onto the road of self employment, you notice that while personal fulfillment most certainly ranks quite high in their satisfaction rating, there is also a sense of professional fulfillment. The reasons are easily understood.

Professional fulfillment comes from a job done well. You will have proven to yourself and the world that you can not only take an existing product, for example, and then devise a working marketing strategy, implement it, and follow through with strong sales. If you have previously done something similar for an employer, you will have the added satisfaction of no longer needing the boss to succeed. In a way this very thought will most likely have spurred you on to take greater risks, make bigger gambles, and no longer play it safe, only to be rewarded with success! Your professional fulfillment begins with the fact that you will have proven to anyone beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are a force to be reckoned with and that you can do a job better than an already established company. Add to this the financial benefits, and your sense of professional success only skyrockets! How many have told you that for a long time you would be operating in the red and perhaps that you would never see a plus instead of a minus in front of your numbers? With your success you will have proven all of them wrong! As you can see, there is no end to the sense of professional fulfillment that can be garnered simply from being self employed. So go ahead and take another look at that dream that you might have thought was impossible to fulfill and instead dust it off and give it the old college try.

Take the time to dot your "i" and cross your "t" and spend countless hours in the office of a certified public accountant that will make sure your tax obligations are met, and that you will not suffer any kind of liability problem. Take the challenge to wave good bye to your boss! You may very well be glad that you did!.

Larry Bregman is a webmaster and an online entrepreneur with easy to start internet businesses that can generate extra income and in time make you financially independent. Visit his website and sign up for his free e-newsletter at http://www.topprofit.net for details.

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