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I do a lot of research online for various projects. I have also done a lot of interviewing to fill vacant positions for companies that I had previously worked for. So what do these two things have in common? I'll get to that in a moment. I want to touch on today your resume and for many that I have seen in my own experience, I really should say the lack thereof in regards to your resume. Potential candidates have sent me resumes (regardless of how or what format) that are just really bad. They lack a certain characteristic that I am going to talk about in moment.

Without this I was really unable to determine anything about them. Chances are you may be missing this as well. One thing I noticed about the internet in doing my research is that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of websites crave this item. This item allows these sites to stay fresh, new and up to date. Do you know what that item is? Simply, it is content.

Content is key in the online world as it is on your resume. I have read numerous resumes that lack good quality content. Without it I derive that either one, they do not have the experience that I require, or two, they are not thorough enough in the work that they do. Content in regards to your resume is nothing more than elaborating on your expertise, experience and education.

Give the person reading your resume a reason to get excited. For example if you are applying to be the new widget sales person, don't just put down as your prior experience, "sold XYZ product from start year to end year". Do you see how vague that is? Instead elaborate on that. Tell the person what you accomplished and how it relates to helping their company. For example, "From start year to end year I was responsible for the sales of our XYZ products. During this time I sold X number of units that accounted for 19% of the total sales for our company.

Due to my success of selling the XYZ product line I created a new training aid for our company that was taught to other sales team members and in turn helped increase company revenue to about 33%." You get the point. Elaborate on each job experience that you put down. First explain what you did in complete detail. Then talk about how your experience their helped the company you worked for and finally finish off by stating how you were able to contribute to the team members around you to make the company a better place. If you follow this simple plan to fully detail your resume you will be sure to wow anyone in any company with what you bring to the table.

Remember you are judged for a job long before anyone even talks to you.

About the Author:
Mr. Podlesny is a freelance writer.

You can read more of his resume writing tips by Clicking here, or by visiting his MySpace Blog.

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