Strings of Success

The prosperous people are lifted through life to the very top, they got promoted, they got awarded with opportunities, they travel to long-distance countries, with them you will convert differently, than with the usual people, who envy enclosing. Some consider, that success - when simple life circumstances has appeared in the necessary time in the necessary place. They try to understand, than they like to be engaged, what talents they can offer to other, and assiduously work that it seems relevant. The prosperous people respect the certain norms. One of the reasons that the American goods and the services lose to the competitors from other countries, is, that we do not have standards. There was a case, when the off-standard goods shipped by the American firm, have come back, and now goods are purchased at the competitor.

My manager in the large business - college just has told: "I shall not send this letter. It is full of the mistakes and is not present word about our new rates. It needs to be revamped". Too frequently people are failed from norms on operation, in school or in a housekeeping. The prosperous people mount to themselves norms and demand observance of norms of other.

The prosperous people are attentive to smalls details. They call back the one who called to them, do not forget to say "a thank", write the letters and maintain the good relations with acquantances and friends. They know, that the success - is process and apply efforts, that it went normally. They understand relevance of good opinion and from all forces try to keep about themselves good, invariablly favourable, impression. The interesting fact, most recent research on the most successful business people in the world has turned a stunning results. In the top ten most rich individuals 4 people never went to university to get any degree, 2 other did not finish, 3 people work for the same company and one of which is the owner.

What the most stricking detailed revealed about their success is they all have attributed their rise to riches to the simple fact of beeing attentive and respectful to other people in their day to day communications. Humbleness - when it is true and sincere is a virtue that most appriciated by other people who strive to achieve a life progress. All successful people do share a common traits, all unsucessful people are all diferent in their own domain and considerring these commonalities we can easily see a similarity in their growth through life to success in their business.

Studies of success of other allows to plot these facts into a chart and soon we can see a patter emerging with unequivical coordinates what should be a right way doing business with people and for the people. Life is a learning process lets take it very seriously.

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