Ten Ways to Determine if a Sales Career is Right for You

A career in sales can be extremely exciting and rewarding. But since sales is a highly competitive field, there's no time to take a break. Being edged out by the competition is a possibility that even an experienced salesperson has to contend with everyday. Sales careers can take many forms - from pharmaceutical sales to car sales to real estate to insurance. They call fulfill telemarketing, advertising, or even corporate functions.

For most companies into producing goods or providing services, it all comes down to sales. Without the help of a skilled and highly motivated sales staff, businesses of all sorts would be busy writing their obituaries. In sales, where compensation is often hinged on performance, the pressure to produce can be too much for some people resulting in quick turnovers and job instability. So is a sales career your calling?? Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed in Sales? Many people blindly go into sales, never stopping to consider whether they're the right fit for the job.

If you're thinking of pursuing a career in sales but aren't sure if you've got what it takes to succeed on the job, here are ten easy ways to find out. 1. Sit down and talk with as many sales people as you can. Spend a day and ride with a sales rep.

You'll discover firsthand that a sales job isn't all peaches and cream and so you can gauge if this is something you see yourself doing. long-term. 2. There are different kinds of sales careers so it's important to examine your motives carefully. Some sales fields bring in huge sums of money fast while others provide rewards in other ways like continued traveling, learning and training.

3. Do you have an appreciation for non-obvious solutions? Good salespeople make themselves stand out by bringing to the job a unique vision of things. 4. Becoming a top seller in your chosen field will be impossible if you've got a less-than-contagious sense of enthusiasm. Check if you've got loads of this characteristic before taking on a sales job.

5. Gauge your sales commitment level. Sales cycles typically take months (some even years).

Individuals who can keep an eye on the prize while selling to other prospects are ideal candidates for sales positions. 6. Genuine love for the product is what gets most salespeople through the inevitable rough patch. Find out if you possess the burning passion to enable making successful sales. yes, even if you don't believe in the product you are selling.

7. People like to buy from a salesperson with integrity. Trust can translate into repeat customers.

Subject yourself to an integrity check. 8. Are you a very sociable creature? The sales arena requires the forging of new work relationships on a regular basis so it is important that you are somebody who not only likes to meet new people, but one who thrives in it! 9. Ask yourself whether you're capable of setting aside feelings of rejection to keep a potential buyer. Sales require steely nerves to be able to persist amid one dismissal after another.

10. Are you disciplined, yet flexible? To succeed in sales you need to have the discipline to keep on going and not rest on your laurels after that big sale. Remember that sales is a dog-eat-dog industry so if you are not always on top of things.

somebody else will be. However, you also need to be flexible because not everything will fall in your plan. (Actually, most of the time it won't.) Companies put great stock on their sales teams to successfully market their goods and further the company's interests. Self-starters, good communicators and product experts can take advantage of the high-income opportunity that a sales career offers. So if you feel that you fit the profile of a great sales person, it's time to take a look at the various sales jobs.


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