The need of career counseling for teens

In pursuing the right career, the teens want the right information, advice and guidance. This is a very important factor because choosing a wrong career would result to a waste of so much time, effort, money and would surely frustrate the teenagers. A discouraged teen will lose the desire for a profitable endeavor, and this will definitely affect his attitude towards work. Several counseling centers are available for these needs. These centers are manned by experts in their respective fields, such as psychologists and health experts, to management personnel like human resource managers who cause fears among job applicants.

In choosing the right career, the first thing to consider is the abilities of the teenager. This includes his intellectual level, educational qualifications and skills. Knowing one's abilities is very important especially in entry level positions and in competing for the desired job. A teenager must remember that there are other jobseekers vying on the same position.

Teens are advised to equip themselves with the right training. This is an added factor in determining the capability of the teenager to do multi-tasking. Similar agencies are conducting trainings, seminars and workshops in various categories. These trainings are either short or long periods.

Deciding on what job to apply and the kind of company must be considered. A teenager must have thorough information on the benefits that the company offers, and whether the job will be a long opportunity. The teenagers, if ever they will be hired, have difficulty in adjusting to their jobs. Pressures in meeting deadlines and in accomplishing tasks will cause so much stress, and if not properly answered, may cause nervousness and fears of the daily challenges in the work environment.

Further considerations are career advancements and whether personal growths are afforded. A career could be lifetime or just a short stint, but both involve exhaustive efforts. So why contend on careers, which have little benefits if a teenager can grab a better position? But seeking the help of counselors in career would only give small assistance to the teenagers. They are just designed to help the teenagers assess him, understand his needs and implement the right action. Choosing the right career is one, full utilization of the career is another.

Here, the teen's right attitude, outlook in life, his dreams and aspirations, especially his married life when the time comes, could not be all learned from counseling. The best counseling that the teen wants could be acquired from his own family. The family is the most influential factor to the teen's choice of career. The attitude of the teen towards his career is affected by what he hears from his parents. If a parent always complains about his job, most likely, the teen would give the same career the least consideration.

If his parents have enjoyed their career choice, contented and happy, then there is a great possibility that he will follow the same career path.

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