The Outlook for Graduate Careers in the United Kingdom

Many graduates leave university with a diploma in hand but little direction on which profession to enter. While students get a specific set of tools for their particular discipline, many graduates realize that they need to make these tools fit into a particular profession in creative ways. It is helpful for graduates to know which fields are steadily raising in the United Kingdom before they begin filling out applications. Developers, engineers and designers in the information technology field have been at the forefront of one of Britain's hottest fields. Every company needs an IT infrastructure and every consumer needs a computer in order to get their work done on a daily basis.

Graduates with knowledge of computers, the Internet and the complex relationships involved in data streaming can forge strong careers well into the future. The steadiest field for UK graduates is in banking and finances. This career path is highly competitive as thousands upon thousands of graduates leave university each year with banking and finance degrees. While some graduates may shy away from this field because of the competition, savvy professionals should enter banking and finance positions because the competition indicates a vibrant future for participants.

Graduates who want to steer clear of the complex numbers and pressure of banking can head into the hospitality field. A career in hospitality can span from management of a small hotel to customer service with a major resort in the United Kingdom. These positions are perfect for graduates with a pleasant disposition, an eye for detail and a desire to help others have a great stay in the UK. Young professionals who want to mix their creativity, drive and technical acumen into one field should consider new media positions. New media positions encompass websites, blogs, CD-ROMs and other technological devices that help make information mobile. This field is growing rapidly in parallel with information technology fields but allow graduates to spread their creative wings instead of focusing on the mechanical aspects of technology.

A final field that UK graduates need to consider in terms of future prospects lies within green or environmentally friendly industries. Green construction firms, recycling plants and green education organizations require skilled graduates who are committed to a cleaner world. Young engineers, designers and educators who enter this field need to be prepared for growing pains in their new jobs as most green industries are still in their infancy.

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