The Recruitment Challenge

It is well known that the defence sector is not only a very unique job market, but also a rewarding one too. The only downside though is that although it is highly worthwhile, it is very difficult at times to get that first role. The most prominent reason for this is mainly because there is a limited number of specialist recruitment agencies who have the capability of offering fully tailored direction and assistance in terms of defence sector recruiting. It is well known that the most suitable roles in the defence sector are acquired via the aid of these reputable specialist firms.

There are plenty of recruiting agencies which have constructed a good track record over a span of decades. Their reputations have been firmly established over the years because they are not only highly effective agencies in the defence sector, but also global leaders in the market. UK defence recruiters have set the standards and raised the bar more than once in the defence sector industry. When taking a look at highly trained REC staff members at UK agencies, a lot of whom are fresh from the aerospace industry, you can tell that these agencies have not only got the expertise in this division, but the competence and experience that is essential for offering advice to potential candidates. By having highly advanced back office tools, they enjoy a significant advantage over any other recruitment agency since their competence and success rate is phenomenal.

It should also be noted that UK defence recruiters have some of the industry's lowest turn over rates, which is a very promising fact and speaks volumes for these companies. Since they have close relations with clients, UK recruiters are able to get a prime view in to the most current defence sector jobs. This edge allows defence sector candidates to have ample application time ahead of other applicants who are vying for similar lines of work. This is a distinct competitive advantage over other candidates. Since there are very few agencies willing to take an extra step to ensure the development of a candidate's success, UK agencies once again set themselves apart.

This is because they are not only willing to they take indisputable interest in candidates' success, but are also willing to continue their support even when a recruitment solution has been reached. It must be said that there is no doubt that the UK has some of the best agencies for defence sector candidates.

Wynnwith are a specialist engineering recruitment agency based in Woking, England. They provide a wide range of recruitment and managed services which include rail recruitment, aviation recruitment and defence recruitment solutions.

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