Tips to Dress for Success

Do you possess the look of a professional? Do you look incredibly smart? Are you confident enough to take charge and get the job that you applying for? Consider the fact that your resume is quite impressive and the employer can't resist to have the audacity to ask you to come for an interview. But after the all the preparations, your final problem will surely comes up right after you realize and ask yourself " what should I wear?" These things are actually important for the job hunters, people tend to have a systemic problem nowadays regarding what they should wear on a job interview. Honestly I'm wired toward automatically seeing the person in these kind of situations because I also had the same experienced when I was hunting for a right job. However many take these for granted, with the eloquence of having an "impressive resume" they forgot that applicants will not only be examined based on the job experience and personality but also with how they present themselves professionally. Here are the top 20 tips in dressing for an interview 1. Research if the company or your potential employer have a specific dress code.

2. If your planning to buy new clothes, get good advice from sales persons. 3.

Have the clothes altered to fit and accent your features. 4. Select an outfit that you have worn before and are comfortable wearing 5.

Your hair should be clean and neat. 6. Do not wear a strong perfume or cologne, scent must be low key or absent. 7. Cover any tattoo and limit pierced jewelry to ears only.

8. For men ? Wear a suit or sports jacket that is color coordinated with your trousers. 9. For men ? You should have clothes in Neutral or dark colors such as blue, black or gray.

10. For men ? Wear a conservative and low key tie. Avoid ties with flashy patterns.

11. For men ? Keep your sneakers away. A clean, polished black leather shoes is highly recommended. 12. For men ? Don't forget to trim and clean your nails. 13.

For men ? White socks are definitely NO! Use dark socks. 14. For men ? Use dark suit and light colored shirt. 15. For women ? Wear a classic suit or simple dress paired with a jacket. 16.

For women ? The appropriate colors are navy blue, black, dark green, dark red, burgundy or gray. 17. For women ? Don't be too provocative or sexy. 18. For women ? Trim your fingernails and use a polish that complements your clothes and would not distract the interviewer. 19.

For women ? Choose a moderate shoes which is clean and with heels that makes you comfortable. 20. For women ? Use a tan or light hosiery. Clothing will play a role in your career so you should continue to pay attention to your wardrobe. Add pieces made of high quality that will match to what you already have. Buy separates that can be mixed and matched.

Dressing is not everything but it will definitely add up to your overall impression that you will make on. These are some advices and the right tools that I can give to someone on their job hunting, but I have to leave it here. Because as we all end up with reality, applicants must not look good with their own respective dress but might as well have the confidence to make themselves qualified enough for the job. Job hunters should think first all the requirements before going to an interview, from the resume to his/her diploma. They must be ready to answer the question exquisitely. So if you want to have a job career in the future, you should consider these suggestion for you to succeed.

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