Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be A Travel Nurse

Travel Nursing offers a wonderful opportunity to nurses and other medical professionas to see the United States, work in the best hospitals, travel with friends and family, and make more money than working as staff. Here are the top ten reasons you should consider this amazing opportunity. 1. You get to visit cities you otherwise would probably not get to experience. Sure you may visit, but living there and visiting are two different things.

For example, when you visit San Francisco, you see the major sights and attractions, you do the tourist thing, and you go home. When you actually get to live there for three months or more, you get to experience all of Northern California, and discover the places that locals frequent. These are the places that make San Francisco the hip spot it is. 2.

You get to work in a variety of the best hospitals around the country. This helps you to enhance you skills, learn different methods of care, meet fellow nurses and doctors, and enhance your resume. Want to work at the nest childrens hospital in the country? You can do it. Want to work at the top cancer centers? You can do it. Anything you want to do, is available to you because of the seasonal need for nurses.

3. Since your housing and other smaller expenses are usually paid for by the travel nurse company, you actually make more money than when at home. When in your home city you still have to pay rent, mortgage, light, water, etc. While traveling, these should be taken care of by the travel nurse company. This leaves you with food, fun, and car expenses.

Many of the travel nurse companies also provide great health insurance that can offset whatever you pay for any regular medications. 4. You get to meet new people and make more friends. Not only will you meet fellow travel nurses, but you will meet the regular staff nurses who make great sources of information about the local area. Then you can also meet your neighbors staying in the same apartment complex or rv park as you.

Get close enough, and you will always have a place to stay if you ever decide to come back to this city once your assignment is over. 5. If you are thinking of moving to a new city, travel nursing gives you the ultimate way to check things out before you make the commitment. You can actually work at the hospital you are considering applying to. You can check out the different neighborhoods.

You can even start searching for an apartment or home to buy in the three months you will be there. 6. You have the opportunity to have family and friends over to visit you in your new assignment. If you can make your schedule so you can have a few days off together, you all can visit all the sights together.

It is much cheaper than taking a vacation. 7. You do not get involved in hospital politics. Every job has politics and so does every hospital.

While on assignment you will see it happening but since you will be gone in a few weeks, you do not have to be bothered by it or get involved. You also get to avoid the boring meetings or classes the regular staff has to participate in because they are permanent. You get to just come in, do your work and leave. 8.

You can travel with your family, a friend, or another nurse. Many travel nurse companies offer private housing. This is great if you have your spouse with you or another friend.

Many long term travel nurses travel everywhere in their RV with their entire family. Kids included. 9. You can travel whenever you want.

If you live in a city that you love, but do not like the extremely cold winters, you can do a travel assignment to a warm sunny place in winter time. Or if you live in a place that has hot muggy summers you can travel to a cooler place and spend the summer months there. For example, anyone living in say Houston, would probably like to spend the summer months in a cooler place. Maybe even Alaska.

This is possible only through travel nursing 10. Travel nursing is great to build your personal skills: communication, self-esteem, confidence, become more vocal, and more independent. You become a better nurse by learning new ideas and skills.

You make your own travel plans, you get to live on your own for a while, you learn to stand up for yourself when the situation calls for it. You grow as a person in many, many ways.

Ms Kamadia is currently traveling the country while working as a travel nurse. Most of her expenses are paid for and she only works 3 days a week. To learn how visit her travel nursing website.

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