Turning Your Passion Into Your Dream Career

Not many people in this world have the courage to turn their passions into their dream careers. But why is this so? Mostly it is about fear; fear of the unknown and fear of failure. However, you must realize that no good change comes without a certain amount of risk. Whether or not you are successful amounts to a balance between good planning and how much risk you are willing to take. Turning Your Passion into Your Dream Career 1.

The IQ Factor: No matter what anyone says; each person who excels in his career would have done so in any other trade too. This means that Michael Schumacher, the famed race car driver, would have made the best NASA scientist had he developed a passion for science very early in his life. The insatiable thirst for knowledge, restlessness for achieving perfection and the irrepressible desire to be at the top of his field has taken him to where he his. At the very heart of the matter, these are the attributes you find among those that have a passion for their careers.

2. Identifying Your Passion Early: Don't fail to notice when you are passionate about something. For example, children will often chase you for more of the same type of toys. Unless diverted, children tend to pursue their passions naturally. By the same token, you should do the same, with the addition of channeling your energies into useful activities. 3.

Can You Pursue Your Passion: Pursuing a passion without a meaningful reason is useless. But, passions that can be sustained and those which can sustain your lifestyle need to be picked up early. 4. Evaluating Career Possibilities For Your Passion: There are two things that are noteworthy here.

Certain potential passions can be expensive, and you need to be realistic. 5. Staying Happy In Your Dream Career: This calls for introspection aimed at mid-way course correction. This also means that you must find happiness in your dream career, if you have not already. Attributes such as persistence find their appropriate meaning during this phase.

Tread your path carefully, enjoying each step and realizing your complete potential as if there is no tomorrow. Passion Is Being Deeply Emotional About Something From The Very Beginning. 1. To Develop Passion Into Your Dream Career, you have to cultivate habits that compliment your core skills. 2. Identifying Yourself With The Environment and like-minded people is the next step.

If this step is missed, you remain daydreaming about your passions and visions. Remember that it is the environment that helps nourish and flourish your strengths. 3. Not Losing Focus On The Way is very important.

50% of job dissatisfaction is triggered because of lack of focus. 4. Acknowledging And Enjoying Life and its successes can breathe new life into your career. Acknowledging your own successes is crucial and will give you extra motivation to pursue your dream career.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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