Your Success Response is Physiological

Most people believe that success in business and finance is primarily the result of mental processes, but success has a physiological basis. The state of both the body and the mind determine your "success response." There are three components of every problem in life - whether it's related to money, business, health, creativity, relationship, etc. - and you have to address and clear all three components to resolve whatever problem is preventing success in any given area. The three components that need to be addressed, (or healed), at their source are: stress, cellular memory, and blocked energy.

Let's look at each component separately. ~~Stress~~ The body has two modes: stress and growth. You're always in one state or the other on every level from the cellular to the systemic. Circumstantial stress, such as a personal confrontation or losing your car keys, is temporary and not normally harmful in the long run. And then there is physiological stress, or the internal response to memory. Unconscious, physiological stress is caused by negative memory or embedded wrong beliefs that are stored at the cellular level.

Negative memories or beliefs turn off the success response. Positive memories turn on the success response. ~~Cellular Memory~~ There are many ways to clear harmful cellular level memories: Reiki therapy, or Alexander Lloyd's Healing Codes are two examples. In both these methods, there is never a focus on digging up and closely examining wrong beliefs and negative memories. There is little value in churning conscious memories and focusing attention on them since the level of memory you can access consciously is not the real source of anything that is blocking your success response.

Instead, the idea is to tip the balance toward a favorable physiological response. In other words, heal destructive cellular memories to heal anything, including lack of success. ~~Blocked Energy~~ Everything is a frequency or a vibration of energy.

That's right, everything. A ceramic cup and the coffee it holds seem like a solid and a liquid respectively, but they are in fact mostly empty space - vibrating energy that your senses interpret as coherent forms. There is also a vibration of energy for every thought and idea you hold. Each has its own frequency, and you can easily understand this when you check into your physical/emotional state upon thinking of something that pleases you versus something extremely annoying or upsetting.

Changing the thought changes your state of being. So, when you have destructive cellular level memories (unconsciously) vibrating at a certain frequency, there is an effect on your success response. Higher frequency energy is blocked. Once the blockage is cleared, it's easier for you to be in the flow of success. Again, clearing energetic blockages doesn't usually happen at a conscious level. I recommend Reiki therapy, but there are other forms of energy work that might be more suitable to you.

First, there is awareness of the benefits of dealing with the three physiological components of success - internal stress relief, positive cellular memory, energy flow. Then there is discovery of the approach that feels right to you. Start looking around, and see how quickly the information you need will appear. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Lila Norden, internet publisher and business consultant, offers valuable information and insights for advancing your business and financial success. For helpful resources, strategies, and additional articles, visit Yes Investing.

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